Advantages of Using Carriere Motion And Carriere Braces

by | Mar 4, 2022 | Blog

Our practice is a Carriere SLX Braces and Carriere Class II and Class III motion appliance provider.

Quicker treatment time, easier to keep clean, smaller bracket size, the most comfortable possible. The Carriere SLX Bracket System resets the standards for excellence and performance in passive self-ligating brackets with numerous clinician-driven innovations for clinical effectiveness and efficiency.

The Carriere SLX Bracket System includes the following features which allow our patients to achieve the best possible smile in the most efficient and comfortable way!

  • Tooth specific bracket widths provide exceptional rotational control
  • Reduced slot depths for more precise tooth control
  • External Sure-Lok™ Clip for hygienic access and reliable functionality
  • More vertical and horizontal cues for faster, more accurate placement
  • Upper and lower brackets open away from the soft tissues of the mouth for comfort
  • Lower profile design for patient comfort and less biting interference

Carriere® Motion™ Class II Appliance

How it Works

  • Corrects the bite to an ideal Class I platform first by rotating and up righting the maxillary first molars while moving the posterior segment, from canine or premolar to molars, into a perfect bite.
  • Simultaneously produces a light, uniform force for distal molar movement.
  • Independently moves each posterior segment, from canine or premolar to molar, as a unit.

Carriere® Motion™ Class III Appliance

The Motion Class III Appliance provides a new, remarkably easy-to-use, and patient-friendly solution for Class III treatment. The Motion Class III Appliance is a minimally invasive appliance intended to treat Class III malocclusions without extractions, painful orthognathic surgery, or traditionally uncomfortable and obtrusive facemasks. The Motion Class III Appliance is designed to provide predictable results and create a harmonious, balanced profile, all while preserving the patient’s natural features. Intra-oral elastics connect the appliance with maxillary anchorage to activate the mandibular posterior segment and to move it bodily as a block for an ideal Class I malocclusion. Once the ideal platform is achieved, brackets or aligners are then placed to finish the case.

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