What Treatments Does Your Orthodontists Office Offer?

by | Mar 4, 2022 | Blog

Orthodontists work with the latest technology to come up with treatments that can save you money and much daily discomfort. Some of the more traditional treatments options include braces and retainers. These are designed to straighten teeth so that further issues do not occur through aging.

New technology also offers different choices for adults and people who are not comfortable wearing braces or require different treatment. For example, AcceleDent is a vibrating device that can help straighten misaligned teeth with only 20 minutes a night of treatment. Treatments like this are both cost-effective and offer greater convenience.

Carriere is a small bracket designed to fix issues with patient bite and is virtually invisible from the inside of the mouth.

Furthermore, Clarity Brackets is an innovation of traditional brackets. These translucent brackets are more comfortable than traditional brackets and have proven to be even more effective.
Invisalign is also very similar to Clarity Brackets, offering a replacement for traditional braces using a translucent material that helps straighten teeth and fix bite patterns.

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These are just some examples of technologies that are cheaper than traditional orthopedic and dentistry treatment and can help ease discomfort among patients.
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